How to Choose the Best Kitchen Gadgets

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Gadgets?

Cooking is considered as an art and like in painting you need colors and paintbrushes to properly do the work, you need your kitchen gadgets to help support your cooking. With a wide range of devices out there for your kitchen space, it can get quite overwhelming as to what to get and what not to.

From automated to bare manual and from expensive to very cheap, your head will start spinning from the number of choices you can make. For your own sake and your wallets, you have to make sure you get the right things.

Besides, there is only so much space on the counter, so, you have to choose wisely as you go on and add new gadgets to the kitchen space. We’ll talk about various gadgets and their uses to help you choose the best kitchen gadgets for yourself.

Gadgets for Cooking

  • Tongs

Usually while cooking, most people will resort to their hands or forks to perhaps taste the food from the cookware or to serve it. As a result, they end up getting burnt on their hands or worse, leave scratch marks on the cookware.


Tongs are so inexpensive and important than getting them seems like a no-brainer. You can find tongs that have coated ends. With these, you do not have to be worried about scratching up the cast iron or nonstick cookware you have.

So, whether it is to taste or serve food, get yourself a few of these.

  • Pepper Mill

When it comes to comparing between black pepper that is freshly ground and its pre-ground kind, the former brings a ton of life and flavor to your food. You can get these pepper mills in a disposable form as well as for long term use.

While you can do just fine with a normal pepper mill, you can find pretty fancy kinds out there that even come in electronic models. Make sure you get yourself one that is consistent with how you desire to grind your pepper.

Pepper Mill

Black pepper is not the only thing you can use these for. If you are a spice person, get a couple of these for different kinds of spices you have.

Avoid taking a cheap route in case of getting yourself a pepper mill. The most cheaper options available out there will only leave you with frustration along with terrible user experience. And this is true for about ninety percent of cheap pepper mills out there.

Pepper mills are also essential for your kitchen as you will come across raw spices.

  • Kitchen Torch

Kitchen Torch

If you are working with a crème Brulee and want that caramelized and crunchy topping, you cannot do without a torch. Mostly, raw sugar is melted and use as the topping on it. With a torch, you can do the caramelizing with other dishes as well. Also, you can melt cheese and marshmallows.

If you frequently do lightweight melting like that, you can consider a kitchen torch.

  • Mortar & Pestle

These are great when you are working with spices a lot. Consider these when the pepper mills just won’t cut it for you. You can grind spices, prepare pestos, make pastes and blend many other ingredients for various recipes.

Mortar & Pestle

This comes in handy in case of Indian cooking as you will be getting the best flavor when you ground the spices using these. Also, they are much better than what the pepper mills have to offer.

So, get these if you deal with spices regularly in your cooking.

  • Meat Tenderizer

You have two reasons to consider getting one of those meat tenderizers. The first one is that you can pound the meat thoroughly to an equal thickness as well as tenderize the tougher slices of different kinds of meat.

Meat Tenderizer

Secondly, it is entertaining to hammer something after you have had a long, stressful day. It is completely fine as long as you do not go crazy with the hammering.

This is the best gadget to make your meat tender for cooking various dishes.

  • Mandoline

The mandoline is a fantastic gadget to have for making potato chips and potato fries. It offers perfect thinness when you slice and julienne. The piece is great if you are sloppy with a knife. Also, work with this is fast.


While it would take a while to slice a potato thinly with a knife, you can do so with the mandoline under thirty seconds. But, make sure that you do not put your fingers in the potato’s place as the blades are quite sharp.

This is a great gadget for soothing your daily snack cravings.

  • Probe Thermometer

You would hate to open up your oven, let all the hot trapped air out and finally take a cut into the gorgeous roast only to find out if the cooking is complete.

Probe Thermometer

The probe thermometer can be put inside the meat, and the display on the thermometer outside the oven will show you the temperature. You can set whatever heat you want for cooking, and a timer will alert you when the meat reaches the temperature you desired.

You want to get one of these for those occasional cooking needs.

Other Gadgets You Can Have

While these gadgets are not essential for your kitchen, they are quite nice to have in handy.

  • Colander

You need a colander if you strain pasta as well as for other dishes. Also, for making mac n cheese that is boxed, you need a colander. Try to get a steel or metal one if you are using a plastic kind.

  • Pastry Cutter and Brush

You can use pastry cutters to cut butter that is cold into other dry ingredients. They are easier to use than forks or just using your hands to crumble.

Pastry Cutter and Brush

Pastry brushes have more uses than only egg was brushing as you can spread the sauce all over the meat and spread butter over things.

  • Melon Baller

It is really fun to create great fruit salads using melon ballers. Also, you can use it for vegetables as well.


There is a lot of kitchen gadgets out there for your every cooking need. This guide will help you to understand which ones are most needed and best kitchen gadgets. You can throw the gadgets to figure out what you need and what you don’t.